First the simple facts:

I charge £200/day ( £25/hr) for skilled joinery work.

I charge £250 to teach any of my skill set where I provide tools and/or materials.

Then a bit of a thought behind this:

I’m always happy to come and see and discuss jobs but please be aware that everything I make is manufactured to a high standard from quality materials and is made to measure. This is reflected in my prices. That means that my prices will be higher than prices from chain store or a high street shop. Though I charge £25/hr by the time I take into account all the running about, maintenace, overheads, taxes etc I make about £14/hr.

I appreciate that many people make less than this an hour and struggle to make ends meet, but I also believe that by exploiting myself as a self employed person I am not helping anyone but just adding to the ranks of stressed, overworked, dissatisfied workers.

If you would like me to work for you but wonder whether you can afford my services – talk to me. I can help by agreeing to receive the payment in installments or can at times afford to throw in some time for free. I am happy to do this and it makes me feel good about the value of my work. Having a low hourly rate to start with makes me feel bad about myself and my work. Being on a low rate makes me feel stressed and I feel compelled to rush jobs and as a result feel unhappy both while working and with the end result of my work. I believe this is not in my interest or the interest of my customers or community. I want to do a good job and this way I can.