Forest & Land Management

I offer land management services including the  management of your woodland, individual trees, fruit trees and garden. My passion centres on growing trees for timber and Continuous Cover Forestry.

I can draft a detailed woodland management plans of simply offer advice while walking the land with you. This can help you to get clarity on what you want from your woodland and that then informs style of management and planning specific activities like tree planting and felling, woodland regeneration, species change, improving access etc.

I can help with other land management concerns like erosion control measures, managing of the individual trees and their role in the landscape, access and similar and connect you with the right subcontractors for each job. I offer tree felling and land clearing service myself and can arrange tree surgery and extraction work if necessary.

I can prune your fruit trees or teach you how to do it yourself. I can help identify problems with fruit trees that are not bearing or ailing. I can advise on suitable varieties to plant in the local area. I can bring a breath of fresh air into neglected gardens clearing the overgrown vegetation, re-establishing the paths, making retaining structures or installing benches and decking.

I can help you identify invasive species and plan a program of their removal or carry out the removal myself.