Hello World…indeed

As those of you who have set up a WP site before know your first sample blog is called “Hello World!” now you can change that or delete it alltogether but really what are you gonna call your first blog ever anyway? Well i did ponder calling it “Of course I’m sh***ing myself” in recognition of the fact that it is indeed bit daunting to have my own first web site and under a domain that consist no less of my very own real-world name. A site that represents my own business in the world, a site that boldly proclaims “i’m a carpenter and a good one too.” So “Hello World” indeed.

This blog is an experiment really, so i don’t promise regular, witty or to the point posts. In fact it might not even be the part of the final product – the professional (?!) looking tradespersons’ web site. Why I’m interested to try this experiment at least is because in the last project I participated in (Blackbark Woodland Management for those of you who don’t know) we always had this idea of being transparent and sharing the behind the scenes stuff in order to develop a dialogue with our peers and customers alike. In the end i think we didn’t quite manage that altho I think we at least managed not to behave like your typical capitalist model based company that presents to the world this fabricated face just in order to raise revenue really. So well done us and here is to having another go at having that dialog, another go that will probably soon fall by the wayside while I’m hanging off ladders, my safety specs fogging up as I’m trying to angle grind something off above my head… ┬ásure, its easy to lose focus!

I wonder how many carpenters or other trades people is out there who worry about whether they can and how to be successful. How many women in trades that always worry about presenting themselves to the world at all or asking the right price. How many slow learners feeling daunted by the impression the whizzy successful business people around give off… Maybe one little carpenter sharing a story might be of interest to someone, maybe there is a conversation to be had, maybe my past present or potential customers do appreciate level of honesty despite that fact that whenever I show the more personal me side to any of them I simultaneously worry about whether I come across as professional, competent enough?

Really in ideal world this blog would be a reflection of me trying to do my work well and with an awareness… we will see…